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Landlord Partnerships


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What Does This Look Like?

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless utilizes partnerships with Denver metro landlords to house people with vouchers in need of housing. 

Through local, state, and federal funding, CCH supports 2,000 households annually. Most vouchers include security deposit and application fee assistance, in addition to one-year lease commitment with rental limits comparable to current Fair Market Rent.

Tenants in the Housing Assistance Program have access to supportive services and health care to encourage housing stability. Program participants typically pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income and our program vouchers pay the remaining rent.

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Prospective Landlords

Benefits to working with the Coalition:

  • Match move-in ready tenants to available units
  • Maintain continuous list of clients in search of housing
  • Ensure timely, consistent monthly payments
  • Facilitate Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections and lease ups to minimize vacancy loss
  • Conduct landlord information sessions and assist with navigating HUD housing programs

Our commitment to our partners:

  • Quickly matching available units with appropriate tenants
  • Understand the unique needs and tenancy requirements
  • Connect partners with pre-screened tenants to assist with the landlord’s screening process
  • Successfully connect an average of 50 tenants per month with partners who maintain a 95% housing stability rate

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • CLICK HERE for a FAQs sheet on partnering with us as a landlord. 

To learn more please contact our Housing Assistance Team at or call (303) 312-9994

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Current Landlord Partners

Our Housing Navigation team is committed to supporting our landlords in any way we can. Have questions? Reach out to our Housing Navigation team at or (303) 297-4159.


Contact Us:

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